Hey friends, as we know Google, is a search engine and we use Google every day as the purpose of searching things information. but did you know We can you google as also entertainment purpose. here we list some interesting games and features which can really change your mood.

Hidden Google search games.

Here is the first game which is we can play once in our whole life.



Solitaire Rules

Solitaire is a simple game of cards that requires a skill. Instead of the conventional seven stacks of cards introduced in Klondike Solitaire, it starts with Baker’s Daejeon Solitaire 13 stack card, which is called tables, apart from a difference, the two versions of this omnipresent game have the same game. This also looks like a solitaire game Baker’s 52-card Daisen Solitaire is a game played with four card suit decks.

The goal is to make all four king suits in the heap of four foundations. Four foundation games are starting empty.

How to play Solitaires on Google?

To play solitaire one your chrome browser in PC than in a search bar type ” solitaire” click on Enter button now you can see the search result. Click on the play button after clicking on a play, you get an option of Choose difficulty ( Easy or hard ). now after choosing the option auto opening a new popup window which exactly same as the solitaire game. in the top of you can see Timer, Score, Moves also you can Enable or disable the Music option.

2. Google gravity (Feature game )’


Now Again open a Google Chrome and type in search “Google gravity”  Now click on ⇒ I’m Filling lucky remember that Don’t Click on google search. After Clicking as you see google page will be broke in shape of a brick and falling down by using mouse pointer you throw them anywhere Now We go for a Next One …

3. tic tac toe (Game)


I know After Seen this picture Almost you know what I talking about. tic-tac-toe is a game which we all play with our friends and family in college or schools life. but don’t worry if you still miss this game in your life you can play it again with google but this time little bit change in the game rule you will play this game with Artificial computer program but still, you have the option to play with your friend just change the setting.

How to play tic-tac-toe game?

type ” tic-tac-toe” in search bar click on the search button the tic tac toe game ll’ be open now choose your Level  (Easy, Medium, Impossible or play against a friend ) by default medium level set now we play with a computer.

4.Mirror Effect (hidden feature)


To Activate or Enable this feature you need to type “https://elgoog.im/” press the Enter key as you can see the Data converted into a mirror image here you can search anything which also converts into mirror effect.

5. Pac man (Game)


As this is also the same process type “PAC Man” in the search bar as see play button hit mouse arrow on it. now open up a game tab ( i will play this game for 5 mints really interesting game without downloading it you can control your Pacman by Arrow Key.