How to play YouTube video and music in the Background,

You all know that YouTube has become today’s most popular app. Users only use YouTube for audio and video, but there is only one problem that when we listen to music, the smartphone display stays on as soon as we turn off the screen, the music stops.

And this is the solution I’ll tell you in this post how you can listen to YouTube’s songs by locking the display of your smartphone.

play music on YouTube by locking the smartphone’s screen.

1. You will need to open YouTube on your smartphone, Google Chrome, or Firefox browser to listen to YouTube’s music content by closing the screen of your mobile phone. You will have a YouTube app option as soon as you open YouTube, but you have to run YouTube on a web browser.

2. As soon as you open the web browser, by clicking on it, 3 dots will appear on the right side, you need to check the desktop mode, i.e. to turn on. After that, you can play whatever you like on your YouTube and play it, keeping in mind that one thing is to turn on Auto Next, after which the next automatic song play will be done next to the song you hear.

3. If you know it or not, then we’ll tell you that YouTube has launched the YouTube Music app in India. You can enjoy music streaming in this app, but the problem is that if you want to download it and enjoy listening to music by screen off, it’s a tree and you can definitely download it.

YouTube (Music App)

4. You’ll need to spend around 99 a month enjoying streaming YouTube Music by downloading this paid app because Google recently launched this app in India, so you’re getting a free subscription for the first month.