Did you really see this trick before guys?

So, after watching Endgame I really a little bit sad because of no more Avengers movie come this is the End and last movie of Avengers series.

Today’ i will random searching about Thanos and Notice Something Unique in this page I saw a  Thanos Gauntlet in the right side below of search result. and really Guy’s After I click on the gauntlet I see real magic. the power of all infinity stone which uses for vanishing the half population of the world.

How you can Also Try  this at PC or Phone

But Remember One thing for Better View of Animation uses PC Screen.

So the first thing you need for this Magic Trick a PC or Phone with the Internet connection. then open Chrome in PC or you can directly open a google search bar in phones.

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Type “Thanos” you will see this type of result
  3. Now Click On the Gauntlet icon
  4. Boom Wait and Now you will be able to see the amazing Infinity stones power for 10seconds. 😉
  5. The Changes you can see Like Search Results are vanishing in Search Tab and the Total Search result will be decreased by half of them.
  6. Now After Vanishing All Search results

How to Restore again All Results.

  • Just Click on Thanos Gauntlet Again. time Stone Will be restore whole things as Usual.☺



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