New smartphone Gadgets in 2019.

Highlighted gadgets

  1. SmartWatch (band)
  2. Bluetooth wireless speaker

So in your count down, we pick up some Amazing gadgets which really useful. we all know in these day smartphones is a part of our life as a family member. (😊🤣) we used every single gadget which is listed in this article.

1. Honor Band 4 (Smartband)



First, we talking about Design & Display because at this time it much more improved from the previous version.

At such a price, it has an all-glass look class and it feels better than the other fitness band. Its specialty is to have a front Home button so you can easily navigate this tracker.

You can swipe more and reach its other features because of its touchscreen. This band is strong in watching and looks like smartwatches nowadays. Its strap is buckled so that it can easily fit into every wrist. However, the strap’s quality could have been slightly improved.

The company has claimed that the display is scratch-resistant, but it is seen to be scratched on everyday wear. Its 0.95-inch AMOLED touch display is 240X120 pixels with screen resolution and curved screen 2.5 d. The color display is another quality that is not available at a similar price in other fitness trackers. The display is very bright, which means that it can also be seen clearly in sunlight.

Performance and smart features

Honor Band 4 can be easily synchronized with Android and iOS smartphones. Just install Huawei’s Health app for it. This band also tells about incoming phone calls, messages, and other notifications.

Another feature that users are looking for is a reminder of movement. If the user sits too late, then the Honor Band 4 suggests making a stretch or a small walk through the notification.

Its monitor for heart rate is also great. It comes with Huawei True Sleep 2.0, which uses cardiopulmonary disease. It monitors the structure of your sleep, including Deep Sleep. It also analyzes your sleep pattern. This technology also provides the user with a Personalized Sleep Recommendation. This fitness tracker is also water-resistant up to 50 meters. This is very beneficial to the swimmers.

Honor band 4

FeaturesWater Resistant, Alarm
synchronizedBluetooth, NFC Syncing
Activity trackingSteps, Heart Rate Tracking
Battery100 mAh battery capacity

2. JBL Flip 4 (Bluetooth Speaker)


Every Person Love Music So in this listing we attached a very intrusting powerful Bluetooth speaker.

JBL is trying to bring something new to the portable speaker market. Users are also getting options in different budget ranges with this. He made this series better through the flip-4. This portable Bluetooth speaker had many notices after experiencing the experience for more than a week.
WaterProof is a great feature of this device. The IPX 7 certificate found in Flip-4 states that the device can survive for 30 minutes in deep water for up to 1 meter. we just dropped water on it. There was no problem Flip-4’s design is cylindrical. This makes catching easy. Weight is more than half a kilogram. Fabric coating on the body, except for the edges. The buttons are given only on the body. These music playbacks and Bluetooth are for pairing. The strip base of silicon makes it fabulous.

3. Zungle V2 VIPER (Smart Sunglass)

This a Smart Audio sunglass which use a Bone Conducting Technology to produce good sound Effect, Without any problem.

Zungle sunglass


Glad I came across the Amazon Zungle Vipers. The sound quality on these is quite crisp and clear, although I wish the music had a slightly better sound quality. The quality is good for calls and audiobooks (great for commuting), and the mic seems to work well. Will note that the sound leaks a little bit at max volume, but for me, it’s a worthwhile trade-off as I don’t need audio buds in my ears. Fit is very comfortable, and the sunglasses are quite light but sturdy. This weekend I had them on comfortably for about 5 hours straight.

4.Universal Screen Cleaner ( Screen Cleaner)


We all love touch screens and gadgets, and without them life is unimaginable. In fact, you’re reading this article on one of those devices. We touch such gadget screens and surfaces throughout the day while working or having fun, eating or traveling, and from the first thing in the morning to the last night before we finally crash. Our oily and creamy snacks leave our fingers greasy and most of us, especially children and busy executives, don’t wash our hands. On top of that, during the day, many of us nail-bite. Thus, in such an environment, germs multiply exponentially. Cleaning phones are not usually part of our daily routine. These unclean habits can spoil our health because of problems with germs.

5. Samsung Gear VR with Controller ( VR Headset)



Playing games can also be very exciting through this nice device.

One thing you might see as a drawback is that only a handful of premium Samsung smartphones fit into Gear VR.

And the reason is quite simple–these high-end phones feature quite higher resolutions and powerful processors so they can offer the best possible VR experiences that are not possible for lower-range smartphones.